caption contest, people dressed in moss costumes

Welcome to our next weekly caption contest!  This week’s photo features several people dressed in costumes that look to be made of moss, and they’re walking down a city street.  As usual, I have absolutely no context whatsoever for this, but that’s not a problem because we get to make up our own context.  So write a caption from anybody’s perspective (whether in the picture or not), and you can invent your own backstory.  Or you can just come up with a joke.  Just make it funny and clean.

For some inspiration, you can consider these questions.  Does this have something to do with the “going green” movement?  Is it some type of camouflage?  Is it a protest?  Who organized this parade?  What are their motives or intentions?

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27 thoughts on “caption contest, people dressed in moss costumes

  1. Thomas Wayne

    We sprayed our homeless population with mulch. Now they’re warm at night, smell better, and people spare them more change because they’re just so cute and fuzzy.

  2. Pumped Up Reader

    I think Al Gore is in the crowd saying, “Follow me Minions! We must save the planet from the conservatives trying to destroy our planet!”


  3. Mr. Destructo

    Due to budget shortfalls, the Important Evil Genius had to use inexperienced rookie henchmen, and it showed. When he told his henchmen to give chloroform to the hostages, they gave them chlorophyll…

  4. Thomas Wayne

    This is what happens when you don’t clean that mold in your shower for a really long time… (so I’ve heard)

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