caption contest, Joe Biden – SHH!

It’s just another manic Monday, but here at Buffet o’ Blog we make Mondays more fun with a weekly caption contest.  And so, let’s get started.

This week I’m posting a politically-themed photo, which in and of itself isn’t funny, but we’re going to make it funny.  You don’t have to write about politics, but you can if you want.  This is Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s Democrat Vice President nominee.  Figure out what’s going on in this picture.

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8 thoughts on “caption contest, Joe Biden – SHH!

  1. Mango-Man

    Shhh!!! if we don’t want to talk about it:
    about the fact that obama apparently thinks there are 57 states in the U.S.
    don’t mention that he thinks kids with asthma need to use a breathalizer.
    don’t mention that he thinks that “tiny countries like IRAN pose no threat to us”
    don’t mention that he apparently see’s dead people “On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes — and I see many of them in the audience here today — our sense of patriotism is particularly strong.”

    and most of all DON’T check out the following links about obama gaffes

  2. Bag O' Donuts

    Biden displays the proper way to kiss a finger, as we will all have to kiss the Messiah Obama’s finger if he is elected to office. Of course his finger will have a ring on it. The Ring of Power. All 57 states in the Union will bow before The One Ring!

  3. Kri'

    You over there – Shhhh!!

    I’m not done talking yet! I’ve only been bragging on myself and my experience in the Senate for three hours! Give me some time. It takes a lot of time to recall all the times I’ve saved the world from time to time.

  4. Beppo

    Shhh, you guys quit talking so loud about how we are going to use voter fraud to get Obama in office! They already found out about the huge donation to ACORN and what’s going on over there!

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