one way to become a ninja

The Nintendo Wii is good for many things, especially gaming.  But it is about to have a new feature.  There is a new game coming out in March 2008 that trains you to be a ninja!  (Yeah, you heard that right.)  It’s called Ninja Reflex, distributed by Electronic Arts.  As you train and develop your skills with your personal Sensei, you can eventually earn a black belt.  Now you can train to be a ninja in the very comfort of your own home.  But wait, there’s more!  As some of you are probably already intensely hoping for, this game will include multiplayer support, with up to four players.

ninja senseiIt sounds awesome, right?  Not to reduce your expectations any, but, the president and CEO of Nunchuck Games said, “Ninja Reflex channels the accessible multiplayer fun of Wii Sports and the self-improvement aspect of Brain Age into a martial arts universe that is ideally suited for the Wii and Nintendo DS.”  I don’t know if comparing a ninja training game to a combination of Wii Sports and Brain Age is the best strategy for hyping a product.  I’m pretty sure it isn’t.  But nonetheless, this will not dampen my enthusiasm.  Ninja training sounds awesome, especially if you eventually get good enough to beat the crap out of your Sensei (like the third boxing training level on Wii Sports, although you beat him up more when you’re less accurate, which perhaps makes it even more fun).

Now that I’ve given my preview of hype, let me suggest a feature to the people working on the game.  (What?  You mean they don’t visit this site?  Well, they SHOULD!  I’m sharing my tips anyway!)  The game should have an online mode, not just for playing people online, but for when your training leads you to black belt status, the gaming company actually sends you a black belt in the mail.  Somebody should make this happen…

2 thoughts on “one way to become a ninja

  1. Famous Artist

    Sounds awesome, but I will only try it if I can be trained by a Mr. Miyagi look-alike while “Eye of the Tiger” plays in the background.

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