caption contest, martial arts fighting

This week we’ve got an exciting caption contest planned.  It’s an action-packed scene, full of fighting.   I don’t know if this is some kind of martial arts training exercise or an actual fight, but it looks like one guy is throwin’ the smack down!

As always, you get to write a funny caption for this picture, and it can be from any perspective: the fighters (any of them), an onlooker, an analyst, or whatever.  Or you can make a joke or pun about it.  Or you can write a backstory to give it context.  Or you can fit it into current world events.   Be creative.  Just make it funny and keep it clean.

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combining Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

This year, it seems people got into decorating for Halloween a lot more than normal.  And as you’ve probably noticed, retail department stores are pushing the Christmas decor on us before Thanksgiving.  It’s getting crazy.  I like to keep the holidays separate — my rule is no Christmas music or Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving.  But stores seem to not be informed of my rule.

Before long, these holidays will all become merged by the unstoppable commercialization process.  Figuring out how to market the holidays together might seem difficult, but fortunately someone has already figured all this out.  In the article I’m about to link to, Chris Carlisle combines Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  For a mascot / symbol, he creates a “ninja robot Mecha Santa Claus”.  If that’s not enough to get you to read the article, I don’t know what is…   Plus it’s funny, and he has a good way of explaining all this.

Holiday Ninja Action Force Unite!  [link broken]

caption contest, ninjas attacking car

Well, I’m back from vacation now, all refreshed and ready to go, so let’s make this week’s caption contest an extra special one!  How about a picture that has ninjas in it?  And these ninjas are actually visible (which must mean they aren’t top-rate ninjas).  In this photo, three ninjas are attacking a car.  Or the car is attacking the ninjas.  Well, I really don’t know what is going on, but that’s the fun in this.  Who needs context?!?  Figure out what could possibly be happening, and explain it for the rest of us.

ninjas attacking car

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the weather ninja

tornadoToday we had quite a bit of severe weather in Arkansas, including several destructive tornadoes.  There was a lot of news coverage, just about all day.  They even showed some live footage of tornadoes by professional storm chasers / spotters.

But one thing I learned recently is that we have a storm chaser here in Arkansas who calls himself the Weather Ninja.  I’m not sure what ninja skills have to do with thunderstorms, but it’s a cool name nonetheless.  He probably isn’t even a real ninja.  Although, he could be one of the Japanese anime types, who knows ancient karate skills plus has super powers.  But I suspect he’s just a regular guy who thought up a great name.