caption contest, ninjas attacking car

Well, I’m back from vacation now, all refreshed and ready to go, so let’s make this week’s caption contest an extra special one!  How about a picture that has ninjas in it?  And these ninjas are actually visible (which must mean they aren’t top-rate ninjas).  In this photo, three ninjas are attacking a car.  Or the car is attacking the ninjas.  Well, I really don’t know what is going on, but that’s the fun in this.  Who needs context?!?  Figure out what could possibly be happening, and explain it for the rest of us.

ninjas attacking car

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14 thoughts on “caption contest, ninjas attacking car

  1. Mr. Destructo

    Sales of foreign cars were down in Tokyo due to consumer loyalty, the high quality of Japanese automobiles, and Toyota’s roving bands of ninja death squads.

  2. Mr. Destructo

    Bob the Driver knew you are supposed to slow down when people are in a crosswalk, but since these guys looked like ninjas, he floored it and figured they could get out of the way in time.

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