the weather ninja

tornadoToday we had quite a bit of severe weather in Arkansas, including several destructive tornadoes.  There was a lot of news coverage, just about all day.  They even showed some live footage of tornadoes by professional storm chasers / spotters.

But one thing I learned recently is that we have a storm chaser here in Arkansas who calls himself the Weather Ninja.  I’m not sure what ninja skills have to do with thunderstorms, but it’s a cool name nonetheless.  He probably isn’t even a real ninja.  Although, he could be one of the Japanese anime types, who knows ancient karate skills plus has super powers.  But I suspect he’s just a regular guy who thought up a great name.

2 thoughts on “the weather ninja

  1. Mango-man

    I saw a weather ninja one time*. He round housed a tornado right in it’s cumulus cloud. the storm dissipated instantaneously. It was amazing!

    *this entire story is a complete, blatant, and utter fabrication that never really happened.

  2. Thomas Wayne

    I reckon Chuck Norris could instantly dissipate a tornado with a well-timed roundhouse kick. But you wouldn’t see him, because he’s so fast, and he’s a ninja, though on TV he often dresses like a normal guy or a Texas Ranger for a disguise.

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