a unique way to remove wasps

I was just outside in the yard, weed-eating around the house.  (“weed-eating”???  I know people say that, but it sounds weird.)  Anyway, I went in the garage to put the weed-eater up, and I found a couple of flying stinging bugs.  They were small like a bee, but they might’ve been small (midget?) yellow jackets.  Either way, it had a stinger, and that means it was illegally trespassing on my property.  All such insects are exterminated upon detection, in accordance with my policy.

This evil insect was between me and the door, so I couldn’t get to the wasp spray, therefore I took a different, unorthodox approach.  I have no problem with using some creativity.  I waited for the opportune time, and I killed it with the weed-eater.  🙂  I cut off his tail / stinger, and the rest of him was not to be found.  The second insect met the same fate, although none of him was ever seen again.

That may sound harsh, but they were illegally on my property and refused to leave when I showed my discontent.  So they had to face the consequences.  The penalty for wasps (or similar creatures) in my yard is death.  It’s non-negotiable, too.  If they won’t accept the terms and thus live somewhere besides my premises, then they will be removed by force.

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