dreaming altering reality

Recently I had a dream where I needed to hit the snooze button a few times for something to take effect.  I don’t remember now what was happening in my dream, but it was something good, and pushing the snooze button was supposed to finalize it.  And (not) coincidentally, this was happening while my alarm clock was buzzing.

Obviously it was all a dream and had nothing to do with reality, but it’s obvious that my body was trying to tricks me.  Perhaps my body was reverting to sneaky tactics to persuade me to get more sleep.  Was my body saying that I’m sleep-deprived, that I need more rest?  Or does it mean my body just wanted to be lazy and sleep later into the morning?  I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s fair that my body is interfering with my dreams.  It’s especially not right that my alarm clock is appearing in my dreams!  My dreams are supposed to be happy places, where I’m the superhero who saves the world each night, and where alarm clocks don’t exist, and where I can eat as much pizza as I want to without gaining weight, and… well, you get the point.

Perhaps my subconscious was trying to remove me from the reality of alarm clocks, to take away the annoying effect of them.  No longer was the loud buzzing a sign to get up — it had become part of completing a good project.  This is all good in my dream world, but in real life it’s inconvenient, because I’m not getting up when I should be.  But what can I do?

I reckon I should take it as a sign that I should be sleeping later.  After all, don’t all those important doctors and physicians tell us we should listen to our body?  Yeah, I recall that.  So I’m going to start sleeping in when this happens.  I just need some way to convince my boss that this is what I should be doing… perhaps there should be some medical research in this area, to prove what I’m claiming.  I’m sure there’s proof, somewhere out there… I just have to find it.  🙂

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