you put WHAT in a dishwasher?

woman-loading-dishwasher-with-cocoa-pebblesThe other day I had a really random dream.  That in itself is not surprising, because I really enjoy randomness (hence why I write on this blog).  But what’s odd about it is that it featured a scenario I had never thought of before.

In my dream, I was at someone’s house, and the woman was loading the dishwasher, but instead of standard dishwashing detergent / soap, she poured in a chocolatey cereal, something like Cocoa Pebbles.  Unfortunately I woke up and didn’t get to see how the dishes turned out, but I expect it would be the opposite of clean.  (A quick glance on Google didn’t find any images to go with this… maybe I just didn’t spend enough time, because supposedly you can find anything on the Internet.  So you’ll just have to use your imagination to picture it, old-school style.)  [Edit: Mango-Man sent in a picture to go with the post, so here it is.]

I don’t know how or why my brain created that scenario.  I’ve never wondered what else you could put in a dishwasher besides soap.  Although this does remind me that I heard someone once joke about putting their underwear / drawz in the dishwasher instead of dirty dishes, but I don’t think that’s a recommended usage, especially if there are dishes in there also.

I need more readers

I’ve heard it said that if you can get enough people to follow your dream, you can accomplish anything.  Well, one of my dreams is that this blog has thousands of readers and generates enough ad revenue that I can make a living at writing stupid stuff.  🙂  Y’know, I reckon the saying is true.  I just need more followers.

So now I know what to do to accomplish my dream.  Well, I know that I need more readers.  And as another saying goes, “Knowing is half the battle.”  (I learned that nugget of truth from cartoons!  G.I. Joe, specifically.)  But in this case, I don’t know if knowing is half the battle.  Getting thousands of people to read here everyday seems like more than half the work of my ramblings in this post.  Maybe G.I. Joe lied to me.  I’ve done half the work for this dream, so if I finish the other half in the next few minutes and it doesn’t come true, then I was misled.  I’m gonna sue…  Hey, maybe then I’ll have all the money I need to blog for a living!  🙂

dreaming altering reality

Recently I had a dream where I needed to hit the snooze button a few times for something to take effect.  I don’t remember now what was happening in my dream, but it was something good, and pushing the snooze button was supposed to finalize it.  And (not) coincidentally, this was happening while my alarm clock was buzzing.

Obviously it was all a dream and had nothing to do with reality, but it’s obvious that my body was trying to tricks me.  Perhaps my body was reverting to sneaky tactics to persuade me to get more sleep.  Was my body saying that I’m sleep-deprived, that I need more rest?  Or does it mean my body just wanted to be lazy and sleep later into the morning?  I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s fair that my body is interfering with my dreams.  It’s especially not right that my alarm clock is appearing in my dreams!  My dreams are supposed to be happy places, where I’m the superhero who saves the world each night, and where alarm clocks don’t exist, and where I can eat as much pizza as I want to without gaining weight, and… well, you get the point.

Perhaps my subconscious was trying to remove me from the reality of alarm clocks, to take away the annoying effect of them.  No longer was the loud buzzing a sign to get up — it had become part of completing a good project.  This is all good in my dream world, but in real life it’s inconvenient, because I’m not getting up when I should be.  But what can I do?

I reckon I should take it as a sign that I should be sleeping later.  After all, don’t all those important doctors and physicians tell us we should listen to our body?  Yeah, I recall that.  So I’m going to start sleeping in when this happens.  I just need some way to convince my boss that this is what I should be doing… perhaps there should be some medical research in this area, to prove what I’m claiming.  I’m sure there’s proof, somewhere out there… I just have to find it.  🙂