caption contest, man creating rock sculptures

This week’s caption contest features a guy making rock sculptures, with several people watching.   As usual, explain what could be going on here.  Your caption can be from the point-of-view of anyone in the picture or even just commentary on the picture.  Where it comes from doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s funny.  So get to writing!

man creating rock sculptures

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22 thoughts on “caption contest, man creating rock sculptures

  1. Beppo

    “This rock-building technique was first started by the Mayan empire thousands of years ago. Pay careful attention now… This may save your life someday.”

  2. Thomas Wayne

    Kid on left: What is it you’re making, mister?
    Guy with rock: It’s art!
    Kid on left: I thought art was supposed to look good.
    Guy with rock: It’s modern art. It doesn’t have to make sense.

  3. Thomas Wayne

    “Kids, you must stay away from the laser boundary. It’s very powe… AHH! My knee! It’s… it’s… GONE! AHH-NOOOOOOOOO!!!”

  4. Important TV Announcer

    You can have this entire rock-building set for only $19.95! But wait! If you call now, I’ll double the order for no additional charge!

  5. Thomas Wayne

    Kid in middle: What’s your ugly bandanna for?
    Guy with rock: Shh… I’m creating art! I don’t have time for your silly questions!

  6. Important Doctor

    You can’t tell from the pictures, but all the adults are laughing at this dude (it’s like when TW takes off his shirt)… and the kids… well… you can tell what they are thinking from their expressions.

    1. Thomas Wayne

      I have rock-solid six-pack washboard abs, as I’ve explained before. The fact that they’re hidden under a layer of “stomach muscle” shouldn’t make any difference. And to anyone who laughs at my figure, what goes around comes around…

  7. Mr. Destructo

    No one has any idea how the Important Evil Genius plans to conquer the world with small rocks, but, then again, his plans have never made much sense…

  8. Important Evil Genius

    Destructo you are so stupid!!! if I could find my bottle of white-out I would wash away your senseless inane comments!

  9. Crystal

    “This isn’t quite like the one in Blair Witch but ah, you kinda get the idea….by the way kids, I am a big fan of that movie.”

  10. mangoman

    I didn’t realize their were rock scultures in that movie… of course that could be because I haven’t seen it… a rock monster would be cool though.

  11. Thomas Wayne

    If these sculptures can turn into rock monsters, that changes the whole dynamic of this conversation. However, even imagining these monsters at that size, they don’t look too intimidating. Who’s afraid of rocks? There’s that proverb of “sticks & stones may break your bones but they can never hurt me”.

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