National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month

grilled cheese sandwichApril is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month.  Mmm… grilled cheese sammiches!  Gooey cheesiness on the inside, yet slighty crispy on the outside.  In addition to butter and cheese, you can put Miracle Whip inside it, too, which gives it a little extra tanginess.  Good stuff.

I realize this isn’t the healthiest of meals, and many people are trying to watch their weight by not eating stuff like this.  But it’s a national holiday, so you have to eat it.  At least eat one this month…  If you don’t, it’s just not patriotic… well, it’s at least doing a dishonor to grilled cheese sandwiches if you intentionally neglect the holiday.  You don’t want to be dishonorable, do you?

FYI, you can make these in a waffle iron, which does a pretty good job.  We did this a lot in the college years.  And Cheetos go well with it.  And sweet tea is the beverage of choice.  (For some reason I’m getting hungry…)

3 thoughts on “National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month

  1. Important Doctor

    instead of butter try using bacon grease to make your grilled cheese. this is an approved food for the infamous bacon & cheese diet that has received raving reviews elsewhwere on this blog.

  2. Thomas Wayne

    If bacon is good for you, then wouldn’t butter also be good for you? What if you still use butter and add bacon to the sammich?

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