the Heart Attack Grill

There’s a restaurant in Tempe, Arizona, called the Heart Attack Grill.  It’s the home of the “Double Bypass Burger”.  Their slogan is “Taste Worth Dying For!”  (I do want to warn you that there are suggestive pictures of waitresses on the site.)  The chefs wear surgical scrubs, and the waitresses wear nurses outfits.

On the menu is a “Quadruple Bypass Burger”, which has 2 pounds of beef, along with lots of bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and even a layer of fried egg.  (You can see a picture here.)  It has 8,000 calories!  It comes with “Flatliner Fries”, which are cooked in pure lard, then they melt mozzarella over the top and dump beef gravy on them.  There’s also an all-you-can-eat option on the fries.  They even offer wheelchair service, if you are unable to walk away from the table after eating your meal.  The food is all prepared fresh, with nothing frozen and no heat lamps used.

An interesting tidbit about it — the man who thought up the idea and runs it used to own fitness centers.  Go figure…  He does tell regular customers that he doesn’t want to see them in the restaurant more than once a week, but some people don’t listen to him.  A few people even go there every day.

I read a review of this place, and the introduction was interesting :

In a world where political correctness runs rampant, a small mecca exists in Tempe where PC ideals are put aside.

Waitresses dress as nurses, the price on the menu is what you pay, and the food can kill you. Welcome to Heart Attack Grill. Leave all your pretentiousness and your health-conscious mind behind.

Notice that it said, “The food can kill you.”  That’s what I’m talking about!

The record for eating a Quadruple Bypass Burger is 5 minutes 39 seconds.  I’d like to challenge that…  🙂  They also hold a special event called the Valentine’s Day Massacre, where everyone gets free food all day.  I’m all about that!  We need one of these around here!

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