caption contest, Valentine’s Day edition

Since today is Valentine’s Day, this week’s caption contest will feature a picture of the romantic couple variety.  But there is still plenty of room for humor in the photo (besides all the potential humor, satire, and irony of a relationship).   There is no context provided with this picture, although a few things just to mind.  So you get to figure out what’s going on here.  Here’s a few ideas to get you started: Why is he wearing a pink hat?  Why are they together?  What are they thinking?  What are their friends thinking?  What are you thinking?  You can create whatever backstory you want to set up your point or joke.  The only rules are — make it funny and keep it clean.

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14 thoughts on “caption contest, Valentine’s Day edition

  1. Important Researcher

    Would you be willing to act like a wuss and wear a pink hat in public to date this girl? Vote with the thumbs up or thumbs down buttons below this comment. It’s completely anonymous.

  2. Thomas Wayne

    Girl: “Just because he’s doing everything I say, he better still not forget to get me a dozen roses and a box of chocolates, or he’ll be dumped faster than he can make an excuse!”

  3. MangoMan

    dude thinking: please God let her get distracted with shopping so I can delete this picture of my cellphone!!! There is no way this picture can peacefully co-exist with the knowledge that this EVER happened.

  4. Thomas Wayne

    Guy: “First she said no farting or belching in her presence, then she said I couldn’t hang out with my friends anymore, and now there’s this pink hat. I’m starting to wonder if any girl is worth all this!”

  5. Thomas Wayne

    Guy with camera: “Teaming up with his girlfriend to get this wussy picture was a great idea. When I get it on Facebook, it’ll be priceless… That’ll teach him to make fun of me!”

  6. BeBop

    Girl: My man-slave is the best boyfriend ever! Right, Man-slave?

    Guy: Yes, O great one!!

    Girl: Double-standards are the greatest things about women. Right, man-slave?

    Guy: Yes, O great one!!

    Girl: It’s all your fault I get emotional and think everything revolves around me. I do it all for you. see how i suffer? Right, man-slave?

    Guy: Yes, O great one!!

  7. Thomas Wayne

    Guy: “Wearing this pink hat will make my friends call me a wuss, and I actually feel like a wuss for it, but if it makes her happy…”

  8. MangoMan

    girl : ha! if he’s willing to do THIS to try and impress me, then I have no choice but to relegate him to the ‘friend zone’ for all eternity!

    guy: so… you um, want to go and do something later?

    girl: aw… it was really sweet for you to go shopping with me and buy me stuff so I feel better about myself. but no, I’m busy later… after I wash my hair, I have a date. You know, someday you’ll make some girl really happy (just not me… FRIEND!)

  9. Important Philosopher

    He may think wussing out like that will win brownie points with her, but it may not be true. If she wants a whipped man, then it may work. But if she wants a strong man, his compromise of his manliness is costing him points. Either way, a man should be true to himself. If he’s a wuss, well, he should do something about that…

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