caption contest, train wreck through building

There wasn’t a caption contest last week because of Thanksgiving and my busyness, but this week things are back to normal.  So let’s kick it off with a bang… or, rather, a crash.

This week’s photo features a train wreck.  But this isn’t some normal derailment — this train went through a building.  And the tracks aren’t even in the picture!  So something extraordinary happened here.  It’s up to you to write a story or joke to go with this.  Here’s some starting points to help you think of something: Why did this happen?  How could this have happened?  Who was involved?  What do the owners of the building think?  What about the people watching?  Or the cleanup crew?  Remember, you can embellish the story however you want, or even just make it all up.  The goal is to be funny, not necessarily realistic.  Have fun with it.  Let your mind wander.

You can click the image for a larger version.

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17 thoughts on “caption contest, train wreck through building

  1. Thomas Wayne

    In a video game, I was able to jump a train over that building. In real life, apparently the physics are a little wonky…

  2. Beppo

    Engineer: “Hello, insurance agent? We sorta have a problem here…”
    Agent: “Did you run a train through a building again?”
    [Engineer mumbles]
    Agent: “Are you crying?”
    Engineer: “Um, no, I bit my tongue…”

  3. Holiday Inn Express

    Trains are like the Chuck Norris of vehicles, they have to be kept restrained on tracks for safety reasons. And like Chuck Norris, they occasionally get loose and cause havok.

  4. Holiday Inn Express

    If you ever wondered why it seems like all engineers are male, this is from the first time they let a woman drive.

  5. Holiday Inn Express

    Having successfully trapped its prey, the wily building, the train will now gorge itself and open its jaws wide enough to swallow the building whole.

    Sated, it will then lay dormant for several days before returning to the tracks.

  6. Holiday Inn Express

    When the package company promised delivery to your door, most people would expect them to use a truck.

    And also just to your door, not through your door.

  7. MangoMan

    This was a trial of the much anticipated newest transformer. sadly a train that could ‘transform’ into a train was a bit of a let down considering no actual transformation actually took place. It basically boils down to a really cool transformation sound and then a train derailing. The ONE upshot was that no one could look away while it happened.

  8. Holiday Inn Express

    The Important Evil Genius’s house, after the first test of his Train Attracting Super Magnet. To the surprise of everyone involved, it worked extremely well.

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