caption contest, epic fail at dancing

Last week’s caption contest featured people standing around, so this time let’s have a group of people with something going on.  Although I’m not exactly sure what’s going on — whether it’s dancing or an accident or a prank or what — you get to decide.  So figure out something funny to say about this picture or to explain it.  Remember that you can create your own backstory, even using flashbacks, to setup your humor.  Let your creativity flow.

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16 thoughts on “caption contest, epic fail at dancing

  1. Holiday Inn Express

    Even though lawn darts never caught on as a game, the version where you threw people instead of darts was even less popular.

  2. MangoMan

    The power of Thomas Waynes’s flatulence amazed even the spectators as the gas slowly lifted his buttocks from the ground. it was a feat that, although it could draw a crowd, also made it hard to breath, forcing many bystanders to cover their mouth and nose with their hands.

  3. Holiday Inn Express

    The mime riding a bicycle trick quickly collapses if the mime ever realizes that the bike isn’t real.

  4. Mr. Destructo

    /*Flashback*/ Many decades ago the Important Evil Genius tried to gain fame and fortune with dancing. When that failed epicly and everyone laughed at him, he vowed to conquer the tri-state area. If he couldn’t win their respect honestly, he was going to force them to recognize him.

    (Although he has failed at that, too, and people still laugh at him…)

  5. Thomas Wayne

    If he can pull off the face-spin move, it will be one of the greatest dance moves ever! Wait, no, he failed… epicly…

    1. Holiday Inn Express

      This is why most narcoleptics avoid breakdancing.

      Also avoided: tightrope walking, skydiving, and racecar driving.

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