caption contest, party with something missing

We have a party-filled caption contest for you this week!  Well, maybe not party-filled, but there is a party.  Well, if you can have a party with one person.  But at least there are snacks!

Anyway, it’s up to you to write a caption for this picture, to explain what’s going on or what the person shown is thinking.  As usual, the only rules are make it funny and keep it clean.

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13 thoughts on “caption contest, party with something missing

  1. Thomas Wayne

    This was the low point in Mango-Man’s life — no one showed up for his birthday party, his ketunias were dying, and his cheese puffs had become stale.

  2. MangoMan

    Actually… this picture looks alot like a young version of ‘Holiday Inn Express’. I believe this picture was taken right after the 1st buffet-O-bacon. rather than pollute the air of his home with his resulting gaseousness he instead filled party balloons with his flatulence and baked a cake… of course the ruse only lasted until his wife realize it was noones birthday. tragically one of the balloons floated to close to a candle and setup off a chain-reaction explosion that destroyed not only his house, but the resulting fumes ate a hole in the ozone layer covering the entire tri-state area.

  3. Thomas Wayne

    Poor Mango-Man — he just realized two of his favorite pastimes are not compatible with each other: flowers and farting.

  4. Thomas Wayne

    Mango-Man: “Well, even though I don’t have any friends, I have cake and cheese puffs and flowers and methane-filled balloons, so it’ll be a decent party regardless…”

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