caption contest, baseball player getting hit in a bad spot

It’s time for the next caption contest!  Since the baseball season is now at crunch time, with several close pennant races determining who makes the playoffs in October and who goes home, I’m going to use a baseball picture.  Like always, just write commentary for whoever you want — either the baseball player, or the guy behind him, or the announcers, or even yourself watching this.

Be forewarned that this picture may be painful to see for some readers, so read at your own risk.

Remember to keep your comments clean…   Now, on to the picture.

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15 thoughts on “caption contest, baseball player getting hit in a bad spot

  1. Beppo

    Announcer #1: Well, as the saying goes, “No pain, no gain.”
    Announcer #2: Uhh, what is he gaining here?
    Announcer #1: Well, he will realize how dangerous and stupid it is to open his stance like that. Not only did he leave himself vulnerable, but if he did hit the ball it would be a weak grounder to third.

  2. Important Doctor

    “BALL ONE!!! ”
    No that wasn’t the umpire making a call… it was the Doctor breaking the news to him of how many testicles he left after the subsequent surgery.

  3. Beppo

    Announcer #1: That is a painful way to get a base on balls.
    Announcer #2: Since he swung at it, he does not get a free base.
    Announcer #1: Ooh, that’s gotta hurt!
    Announcer #2: It hurts me just watching it! Quit showing the replay!

  4. Mango-Man

    unfortunately after being demoted to the minors Marvin lost his health-insurance and proceeded to get a much needed vasectomy the only way he knew how.

  5. Thomas Wayne

    Batter: Quick, call a doctor, then call my lawyer. We’re gonna see just how “guaranteed” that Protecto Cup 3000 is…

  6. mango-man

    announcer: Welcome to the special Olympics T-ball tournament for adults!
    up to bat first we have Timmy ‘no underpants’ Turner! He lines up… He aims for the ball! he takes a practice swing, and he SWINGS!!! wow!!! I have never seen a ‘T’ hit further than that! and look at the ball! it’s just hovering there in mid-air. Uh-OH don’t look now but the 3rd baseman has picked up the T, he licked it! and now he chasing the other outfielders with it! This is shaping up to be an EXCITING game!

  7. Thomas Wayne

    Manager: Burford, get ready to go into the game as a pinch-runner. I don’t think this guy will be staying in the game.

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