176 tips to simplify your life

I happened to see the cover of some self-improvement magazine recently, and it said something on the front that made me look twice.   Look at the title of this article:

176 Tips to Simplify Your Life

Is that for real?  I’m all for simplifying life when possible and practical, but does it really take 176 tips?   While there may be that many aspects / facets of my life that could be addressed, that’s a LOT to consider at one time.   Perhaps they’d be better off putting just 5 tips per issue.   (And that way they wouldn’t run out of stuff to write on for a loooong time.)

Isn’t it really ironic that the quest to simplify your life can be so big and overwhelming?   It sounds more like an April Fools article than a legitimate self-improvement one.

One thought on “176 tips to simplify your life

  1. anonymous philosopher

    Maybe that article was written by a woman… it’s not hard to fathom them having at least 176 complications in life… 😮

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