Butt facial

I’ve just read about a disturbing new trend in spa treatments.
it’s called the ‘butt facial’!  (how’s that for an attention grabber?)
apparently clients pay between $650 and $800 for a one hour treatment.

The price varies, of course, depending on what treatments are done (and likely by how nasty someone’s booty is)

“some treatments for the rear-end focus on cleansing and detoxifying the skin, much like a regular facial. Others use microderm abrasion or micro current therapy to rid the buttocks of cellulite deposits, acne and other skin problems.

“clients …have their derrières cleansed and ex foliated. Then a masque is applied and any waxing, if needed, is done. The treatment ends with a warm paraffin treatment.”

so what do you guys make of this?  butt facials? a facial for your butt?


one article I read mentions that “so far, men haven’t taken to it.”

to that I say “DUH!!!”

you can read a bit more about them here and here

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