caption contest, sports fan with shirt off

Thanks to those of you who noticed the lack of a caption contest last week.  It’s nice to know I was missed.  🙂

Getting back to normal, here’s our weekly caption contest.  Since this is a big time for sports, with the MLB / baseball playoffs in full swing, the NFL underway, NCAA football going, and the NBA preseason, there’s a lot going on.  So I chose a sports-related picture for this week.  It’s an overweight sports fan with his shirt off.

It’s up to you to figure out what’s going on here.  What is he doing?  What do the people around him think?  What’s about to happen?  Why is this a bad idea?  What happened to his shirt?

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don’t get too excited about baseball

homer-hankiesI’ve been watching the baseball playoffs this year, and during one game I was talking with someone on the phone during a game, and he asked, “Why are those people waving their drawz?”  (drawz = underwear)

I had never realized that’s what was going on!  I knew people got excited, but this is crazy!  I’ve heard the announcers call them “homer hankies”, but there’s no such thing.   These people are waving their underwear during the game!

Folks, I know the playoffs are exciting, but there ain’t no need to wave your underwear during the game.   And if it’s “used”, then it should definitely remain in its intended use.  If you start waving your drawz around, that might lower morale of the fans around you.

This is just so far beyond the line of appropriateness… where’s the “appropriate police” at these games?

how not to field a baseball

The following picture is of an outfield play in baseball gone wrong.  The team featured in this debacle is the Philadelphia Phillies, who happen to be in the playoffs this year.  But, as you might imagine, this picture is not from this year.

This is not a caption contest, per se, but if you have any idea (real or imagined) about what’s going on here, please share in a comment.

caption contest, hard slide into home

It’s time for another caption contest!  With the Major League Baseball playoffs starting this week, I’m going to use an action photo from a baseball game.  Here’s the picture; you write the caption (from any perspective: play-by-play announcers, umpire, players, managers, fans, yourself, etc.)

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