add your own captions, superwuss

It’s time for another caption contest!  After a few consecutive political photos, I’m going to the realm of superheroes (or, in this case, wanna-be superheroes).

The “rules” are the same as before: you make up a caption for what the guy in the photo is saying (or thinking) or what onlookers might be thinking or just general analysis.  The “prize” is, um, nonexistent.  Oh, wait, you get to make people laugh by saying funny stuff.  And a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ve set up lots of potential commentary with the image below.  Have fun!  🙂

Superman wannabe

(To see the other entries in our caption contest, click on the “Say What?” category in the sidebar.)

12 thoughts on “add your own captions, superwuss

  1. Mango-man

    oh great!!! don’t you hate it when you need to rip a really big one…and it turns out NOT to be gas? looks like it’s time to to find me another pair of drawers!

  2. Important Doctor

    “hey you! … evil doer! … look me in the eye while laser beams shoot out and make you really constipated so you can’t escape the seen of the crime. They don’t call me Super Constipated Man for nothing! … Why oh why did I look in the mirror this morning!?!

  3. Fab

    They say that married guys and retired guys gain weight. Looks like Lois is really packing the pounds on Clark, ahem, I mean Superman. I always wondered what he would look like when marriage and retirement took their toll. Now, he can leap tall TOY buildings in a single bound. Plus, he can’t be too aggressive with his “leaping” because he’s “high-centered” as it is. I’d be willing to bet that if the picture showed his feet, he’d be wearing fuzzy slippers. 🙂

  4. Thomas Wayne

    The guy at the costume store said this suit would make me look like Superman, but it doesn’t seem to be emphasizing my muscles enough… this must be a defective suit… maybe it’s one of those “wardrobe malfunctions”…

  5. seriouslydessie

    Bill had made a decision not to take the meds anymore. After all, what did Dr. Sparrow really know about him? Multiple personalities.. I think not. “I simply have a very active imagination.” he thought to himself.

    As Bill dressed for work that morning, both he and “Super Bill” agreed that the evil villain “Boogie Burglar” could show up at the office, and attempt world domination by stealing everyone’s magic staplers… but alas, the evil one would not succeed! Suited in full hero gear, complete with over the shoulder cooler/manpurse (for accessorizing), “Super Bill” set out for the office… and left the citizens of the city speechless in his wake.

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