crazy ambulance in Madden Football ’92

Being a computer programmer, I realize how bugs (errors) can slip into programs unnoticed.  It’s just an aspect of programming.  This also happens with video games.  Usually bugs in games are a bad thing, but sometimes they are funnier than how it was supposed to work.  For example, check out this video clip from John Madden Football ’92.  Even if you don’t care anything about video games, you should watch this, because it is random and funny.  When a player gets injured, the ambulance rushes out onto the field… with much haste… with no regard for who is in its way…

Madden ’92 ambulance bug

I have no idea how the developers didn’t notice this before it got released.  Perhaps they did see it and decided to leave it, but considering how “mainstream” EA Sports is with Madden and its other franchise sports games, I wouldn’t think they’d allow players to be run over by an ambulance.  It’s just awesome.  There’s even the sound effects of the players getting roughed up.  🙂  Somehow the players who were run over weren’t injured and got to stay in the game.  I reckon that’s quite fortunate, or half the team might be mowed over and have to be taken out.

Madden Football ’92 wasn’t the first game to feature injuries, but it might’ve been the first game to make gamers look forward to them.  🙂

BTW, in later versions, like in Madden ’96, there was no ambulance.  But in this video compilation of late hits causing injuries, you can hear bones breaking and the announcer doesn’t seem that concerned…

5 thoughts on “crazy ambulance in Madden Football ’92

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  2. Mr. Destructo

    Awesome! Sometimes the ambulance even runs over the injured player, as well as the people standing around. Apparently football injuries can be quite dangerous!

    This is kinda like the game Carmageddon, where you can drive a vehicle onto the field during a football game and do whatever you want.

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