the cost of being honored

My brother got a letter in the mail offering him membership in a group called “Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century”.  Sounds all fancy, doesn’t it?  Supposedly the book with people’s names in it will be stored in the Library of Congress, so perhaps that makes it all “official”.  I also wonder why he was chosen to receive the offer, although being related to me, I could see it happening.

But here’s the catch.  If you want a copy of the book for yourself, the Grand Edition is $300!  That’s a LOT of money for a single book!  If you want the full package, you can get the Grand Edition, a fancy diploma, and a silver medal for $825.

I’m thinking if I’m all that famous as an “outstanding intellectual”, they should pay me to put my name in their book.  And if you’re one of the outstanding intellectuals of the century, you probably already have a diploma or two…

Maybe I need to start one of these groups, to make a lot of money.  I figure some people will buy that stuff, to make them feel all important.

One thought on “the cost of being honored

  1. Thomas Wayne

    I’ve started a program called the “Outstanding Cool People of the 21st Century”. I’m the founding member, and anyone is welcome to apply. There are rigorous testing procedures, and it costs only $50 to have your application processed. Just mail me your application with a check and I’ll tell you if you’re sufficiently cool to participate in this exclusive organization.

    I’ll even print out some specialized diplomas and a book, and it’ll be cheaper than that $825. 🙂

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