caption contest, man peeing into gas tank

This week’s caption contest features an unusual picture.  Some may consider it crude, even.  Well, the picture itself doesn’t show anything crude or vulgar, but the concept is not so noble.  So you’ve been forewarned, and if you proceed with viewing this post and you get offended, it’s your own fault!   (Really, you shouldn’t get offended.  It’s nothing personal — this has nothing to do with you — it’s just a concept of something funny, and it’s funny because it’s not really happening.)

Disclaimer aside, let’s continue.   This photo features a man peeing into a car’s gas tank.   At least, it appears that way.   You can write the captions however you want, taking whatever angle you want.   Just remember to not use any vulgar language — keep it clean.

man peeing into gas tank

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14 thoughts on “caption contest, man peeing into gas tank

  1. Thomas Wayne

    Hidden Camera Prank: We’ve secretly replaced the gas in Mango-Man’s car with recycled coffee made from Folgers crystals. Let’s see if he notices.

  2. Bag O' Donuts

    I can vouch for the fact that this works. Just down 14 Red Bulls, 7 RockStars, 11 Amps, 4 Monsters, and 16 Mountain Dew GameFuels first. Its the same as NASA’s gel rocket fuel.

  3. Mr. Destructo

    The “Important Evil Genius” talks about conquering the world, but seems to have settled into retirement, his world domination plans all failures. Still, he nonetheless tries to be evil, even if it’s just annoying his neighbors. I suppose evil never rests…

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