caption contest, guy on motorcycle upside down

In light of the X-Games that just finished up, here’s a caption contest featuring a man on a motorcycle doing some kind of crazy stunt.  Is he in the middle of an epic stunt that is going to end well, or is this an epic fail?  You get to decide.  You can also write funny commentary for this, whether from his perspective or the crowd’s or whoever.

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6 thoughts on “caption contest, guy on motorcycle upside down

  1. Holiday Inn Express

    I really wish this was a video. Not only so we could see how this got started, but I think the expression on his face should be interesting.
    Right now his face seems to be set to ‘The situation is disoptimal.’ Shortly before the picture I imagine it was ‘I’m not going to enjoy this.’ I think the next expression will be ‘Should’ve worn a helmet.’

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