epic fails in amateur athletics

Some readers have requested more funny videos, so I’m bringing you another one.  It’s easy enough to find funny videos by searching YouTube, but that usually ends up wasting a lot of time, so I don’t do that too often.  This video happens to be a commercial for Liberty Mutual Insurance called Amateur Athletes.  Normally I’d prefer to link to a non-commercial video, but this one is actually pretty good.  It could also be called athletics gone wrong or epic fails in athletics.

If you’re still unsure about whether or not to spend 30 seconds watching this, here’s what happens: There’s a guy who tries to dunk a basketball but fails in a spectacular way, a guy who tries to do a roundhouse kick but learns he’s no Chuck Norris, and a guy throwing a football that starts a fire in a tailgater’s car.  Classic stuff…  I bet they had fun making this commercial.

There needs to be more commercials where stuff catches on fire…  🙂

caption contest, guy on motorcycle upside down

In light of the X-Games that just finished up, here’s a caption contest featuring a man on a motorcycle doing some kind of crazy stunt.  Is he in the middle of an epic stunt that is going to end well, or is this an epic fail?  You get to decide.  You can also write funny commentary for this, whether from his perspective or the crowd’s or whoever.

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funny costumes, pt 1

For years, people have enjoyed dressing up in costumes, whether for Halloween or for parties.  There’s also movie premiers and conventions, where die-hard fans get into cosplay (costume roleplay).  Sometimes these costume attempts end up being funny, whether intentionally or just because it’s so bad (epic fail).   Here’s a few that fall into one of those categories (but mostly the latter).  Let’s start with people trying to be superheroes.

guy in Aquaman costume, with feathers
Why would you want to dress up as a wuss? And with feathers?
Spiderman costume, but something's wrong
There's several things wrong with this picture. Can you find them?
guy in Batman costume
The Atkins Diet really worked for Batman!
guy in Captain Marvel costume
Does this make you marvel?
guy in costume - it's not easy being Green... Lantern
It's not easy being Green... Lantern.
guy in Flash Gordon costume
I know he's supposed to be a good guy, but this scares me.
guy in Galactus costume
old man in Batman costume, missing parts
No utility belt, no shoes, no service.
costume - Iron Man downgraded to Paper Man
The economic downturn even affected Tony Stark. But switching from iron to paper is gonna cost him in other ways...
costume - Space Ghost
Space Ghost is awesome, but every time someone dresses up like him, it just doesn't work out so well...

This post is getting long, so I’ll put the rest of them in another post.  Here’s a link to search for the other funny costumes posts.

woman has failed the driving test 771 times

Today I heard about a South Korean woman who has failed the written exam of the driving test 771 times.  She’s 68 years old, and she’s been taking the test almost every day since April 2005.  The minimum passing score is a 60, and she’s gotten as high as 50.  There is a cost for each test, and she has spent over $3,000 so far on fees.   She’s hoping that attempt number 772 will be it.

I will say this — she’s determined!  But perhaps she should study some before taking it again.  You figure she would’ve gotten that message by now.   I have to wonder, though — does she speak the proper language?  Or can she read and write?  It seems like just marking random answers would eventually score high enough in 771 tries.

But through all this failure, she now has fame.  She has set the world record for number of times to fail the driving test.  And now she’s being talked about in the news all around the world.  She has received her 15 minutes of fame, and she now holds a world record.