caption contest, Barack Obama frustrated during meeting

The news has been filled lately with discussions on Congress having to raise the debt ceiling because apparently they’ve already spent money that was allocated to things like Social Security and Medicare.  (Don’t get me started on that!)  Anyway, occasionally I post a caption contest that opens the door to political humor, satire, and parody, to look at such things from a lighter side, and this is another of those times.

In this photo, President Barack Obama is sitting around an executive-style table with a number of other well-dressed people (probably politicians), and Obama looks frustrated.  I don’t know what’s really going on, so just make up something.  Feel free to rant about politics, but please phrase your rant in the form of humor.  And keep it civil and clean.

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15 thoughts on “caption contest, Barack Obama frustrated during meeting

  1. Beppo

    Ahhhh, we have sort of a problem here… Congress is spending money they don’t have. So, um, yeeaaahh, if you could just go ahead and make sure you don’t do that from now on that would be great.

    Obama: “Why do people care about balancing the budget? Congress hasn’t done it for 40+ years and now it’s a big deal?”

  2. BeBop

    Politicians in Room: Okay, let’s talk about…

    Obama: Can’t….hold…it…in…much…longer! Oh why did I eat mexican food at lunch?!

  3. Mr. Destructo

    My personal hypothesis? Obama is trying to run the economy into the ground so we will have to join a global version of the E.U. or U.N. You heard it here first. Evidence pending.

    (Of course, when I take over the world, all that won’t matter none because we’ll use my system of leadership. But until then, feel free to worry about the current state of affairs.)

  4. Crappo the Clown

    Guy with green tie: “In case you haven’t guessed yet, there’s been a lot of crap going on. And I’m not talking about flatulence. I’m talking about the hard stuff, and a lot of it. I’ve been trying to find out who’s behind it. It hasn’t been easy. I don’t shower much.”

    Obama: “Did someone really vote for this guy???”

  5. Christian Luckett

    [Obama] “Is it bigger!?!”
    [Biden] “I don’t think it is”
    [Obama]: *sigh of relief*
    [Pelosi] “Told you so”
    [Barney Frank] “This new Obama Care is awesome, But i’d better check Barrack myself to see if he has breast cancer too”

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