caption contest, Kobe Bryant yelling around reporters

It’s Monday, and you look like you could use a caption contest. So let’s do this.

This week’s photo features Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, yelling with reporters around him. Since we’re getting close to the NBA Playoffs, I figured this might be appropriate. But even if you’re not a fan of professional basketball, remember that the caption doesn’t have to be about basketball — it can be anything. So let your mind wander into the depths of creativity and randomness. 🙂

Kobe Bryant yelling around reporters

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8 thoughts on “caption contest, Kobe Bryant yelling around reporters

  1. CalTrec10

    Ever the generous man, Mr. Bryant helps the scientists test their experimental “belch cameras” (designed to capture the never-before-seen image of a belch) by burping the alphabet.

  2. Holiday Inn Express

    Kobe takes a moment to demonstrate his skills as an Opera singer. He’s hoping to get picked in the draft for the 2010 Opera season.

  3. mangoman

    and there it was… captured on film for all the world to see. Kobe’s most embarrassing moment to date… the moment that someone snuck up behind him mid-interview… and gave him an ATOMIC WEDGIE!!!

  4. mangoman

    reporter: “can Kobe do it folks? can he beat the worlds standing- long distance loogie-spitting record? lets wait and see!”

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