lunar eclipse tomorrow

There will be a total lunar eclipse here tomorrow, August 28, 2007, at 4:52 AM.  I’d like to see it, because the moon will turn to various shades of orange and red.  It would make for some interesting pictures.  However, I’ve already got plans during that time.

If anyone asks why the moon is turning red, you can tell them it’s because the sky is blue.  That’s actually true — some sunlight will still reach it due to refraction in our atmosphere.  If they want further explanation, tell them to go figure out why the sky is blue.  🙂

Or it could be the end of the world, when the moon turns blood red.  Although there will be an accompanying earthquake during that time.  And there will be some other things happening before that.  So it’s probably not that…

One could also posit this as further proof that the moon is broken.  Think about it.  If you ask anyone in the world what color the moon is, they will say white or gray (or, if it’s a woman, perhaps some obscure color name which means white or gray or some combination thereof).  See, everyone knows this, so it’s common knowledge.  So why would the moon be changing colors?

If it were normal for the moon to change colors, that would be fine.  It would be kinda neat if it glowed blue sometimes, or morphed between different colors.  But that’s not normal for our moon.  No, it’s obvious that our moon is broken.  And I’m going to keep telling people until something is done about it.  I know, some people think the moon is harmless, but it’s far from it.  The moon is capable of causing great devastation and destruction on the Earth.  Think about it.  And be afraid… be very afraid…

20 thoughts on “lunar eclipse tomorrow

  1. Famous Psychologist From a Far Away Land

    “If you ask anyone in the world what color the moon is, they will say white or gray (or, if it’s a woman, perhaps some obscure color name which means white or gray or some combination thereof).”

    – No need to ask a woman, all you need to do is ask Mango-Man. He knows ALL the names of colors (and flowers and fruits…hehe….). ;)-

  2. Mango-Man

    Can I help it if my intellect far surpasses that of ‘common people’ if anything you ‘guys that only recognize basic colors should be ashamed… you’re admitting that even a ‘woman!’ knows more about you (ie shades of color) now, do I make referance to the myriads of hughes by some cutesy name?… NO! but I do recognize other shades exist. Far too long have real men sat back and let women name the colors… I say we stand together! no longer will there be references to vague colors that noone knows what shade it is.. shades should be defined as a subtype of their primary color… example: red! if it’s a really dark shade of red then call it dark red! or Blood Red! PINK will no longer be hailed as a color! no! it is shall be called ‘light red’ or something else man-ly. Orange is okay, but we can do better… how about explosion orange? or carpet bomb orange, or better yet just redyellow (note the reference of the primary color each time) together we can make a difference!!!!

    btw… It just struck me why the so called ‘famous psychologist’ is from a far away land… he had to go to some 3rd world outta the way place where there were NO other psychologist… that way he could feel that he was ‘special’ or (3rd-) world-reknowned… well… his stupidity is certainly world renowned! 🙂

  3. Thomas Wayne

    Uh-oh… this is fixin’ to get ugly for Mango-Man… I probably shouldn’t do this, but I’m gonna stir it up (before someone else does). Besides, he brought it on himself. 🙂

    In the previous comment Mango-Man said, “Far too long have real men sat back and let women name the colors”. Being a real man myself, I’d rather leave it that way. I don’t care what obscure name a shade is — that’s why there’s samples : you go look at them and pick the one that is what you want. You can point at it and say, “I want this blue.” Keep it simple; it doesn’t need to be all complicated.

    And, (here we go, hold on), perusing the archives on this blog, I see that we’ve discussed this before, in the infamous “a man who likes flowers” post. And apparently Mango-Man once at least had an idea of what it was like to be a “real man”. Check out this excerpt of his words :
    whats with those weird colors you are talking about… EVERY real man knows that the only colors are red, white, brown, blue, green… oh… & black & blue… which is what color you’ll be if you dont quit mouthing
    (Click here to read the rest of his comment in context.) Back then, he was at least trying to sound manly — talkin’ smack, staying with the basic colors — but now he’s wanting to help name new colors and such (probably to describe his flowers). Now he’s trying to change what it means to be a “real man” — to fit with who he is. Sorry, but you cannot redefine “real man” to include your wussiness — that has to be left up to the general consensus of men.

  4. Mango-Man

    TW… now you done went and got all STUPID (not that i’m suprised) I stand by my original statement… there SHOULD only be colors of “ed, white, brown, blue, green… black & blue” I did not change that statement… I merely pointed out that women try and convolute that system with stupid color names that noone cares about. TW I notices you also admit there are varying shades of colors (and I quote you) “I don’t care what obscure name a shade is — that’s why there’s samples : you go look at them and pick the one that is what you want.” So if observing different shades makes you a wuss… then welcome to the club stupidhead! I’m merely trying to make the world more man friendly… my plan is simple. rename the colors! burn the maps! dont let women drive! 🙂

  5. Thomas Wayne

    Mango-Man, you’re the one being STUPID. Of course there are different shades — like blue, dark blue, light blue, etc. I don’t see in 8-bit color like perhaps you do. I see in full Technicolor and stuff. But just because I can see high-def color doesn’t mean there should be 50-11 names for all these colors, especially when some of them are the same thing.

    You still didn’t address what you said in your previous comment. Thus your words still incriminate you. And the jury says, “WUSS”.

  6. Executioner Says


    Mango-Man has been officially declared a Wuss! The Judge, Jury and Executioner have all agreed, thus it is so. And may God have mercy on your soul! (Sorry but I’ve just always wanted to say that last bit) 🙂

  7. non-partial Jury

    that’s not true~ the Jury has not weighed in! we side with the defendant! TW is a wuss! and stupid color names should be done away with. We also recommend TW seek court appointed counseling as he seems a bit confused. He razes Mango Man about his stand on the wrongfulness of color names by women, and then makes a random statement about him only seeing in “8-bit color” now that’s just confused!

  8. Thomas Wayne

    Who’s this “non-partial Jury” that appears after the jury, Judge, and Executioner? It’s a little late for this third-party group to come in here and change the ruling. There’s an order to such things, y’know.

    I speak in randomness sometimes, hence the 8-bit statement. Were you overly perplexed? I chose “8-bit” because surely no man sees the 16.7 million colors that supposedly exist, yet an 8-bit amount of colors would still be more than should be for a healthy, non-wuss man. Hence 8-bit applies to you. Try applying some logic and reasoning next time before you speak, non-partial Mango-Man Jury dude.

  9. Lawyer/Famous Artist

    I’m sorry gentlemen, but you are not important enough to overlook the laws of the United States and refuse Flower-boy his state-sponsored counsel! Therefore, I name myself his lawyer, and will defend his case to this so-called “non-partial” jury. The question in case is whether or not Flower-boy a.k.a. Mango-man is, in fact, a wuss.

    Does he know the difference between eggshell and ivory? Can he distinguish between cadmium red and Alizarin crimson? Would he understand the subtle nuances between brown ochre and burnt sienna? Yes, yes he would. But does that make him a wuss, a weenie, a sissy-boy, as many have called him? No! His extensive knowledge of the Pantene color spectrum merely makes him more enlightened than his accusers.

    More importantly, I think, is that we weed out the far-wing conspiracy being brought on by the supposed “Thomas Wayne” to destroy the color spectrum as we know it. This is obviously a move by a supporter of communistic ideas to bring down our government in its time of crisis.

    Therefore, supposed jury, a vote against Flower-boy is a vote against the very country we live in! Do you support justice, love, and freedom? Do you want your children to grow up in a world of non-violence and reality tv? Then you must vote not guilty!

  10. Mango-Man

    um… Lawyer you are fired (ironic since you were never hired) You are wrong on ALL counts… I dont know any thing about “eggshell and ivory… cadmium red and Alizarin crimson… or brown ochre and burnt sienna” All I understand about what you said is something about a red cadberry egg? mmm… it’s obvious you are blinded by your own ineptitude and stupidity (are you a woman?) 🙂 quit trying to drag my name through the mud (yes… ‘brown’ mud) this is ludicrous slander! and I will not be a part of it! Why don’t ya’ll get back to discussing important issues like how the moon is busted. Yes, it’s obvious to everyone there are different colors past the primarys… but why do they have to be called such stupid names?

  11. all-male Jury spokeperson

    it’s true… most color names are stupid! lets rename the colors! Mango-Man is a genius and TW is a wuss (me thinks he doest protest too hard)… and dont get us started on the wannabe lawyer chick.

  12. Supreme Court Judge

    Alright enough of this funny business!!! I’m holding all of you in contempt of court!!! No more “non-partial” faux juries or you’re all going down for a long time! My Jury delared Mango-Man (and I use the term man loosely) a Wuss and that is what stands!

    I have heard what his lawyer has to say and it makes no difference. The Jury has declared Mango-Man a Wuss and, although in my very wise opinion Wuss may not be a strong enough word for him, that is what he is!


  13. Lawyer/Famous Artist

    I am issuing this press release in light of current events that have transpired regarding the case of Flower-boy v. TW. An undercover police team at George Bush International Airport in Houston, Texas arrested the “Supreme Court Judge” for promiscuous foot-tapping and whistling in one of the airport bathrooms.

    Chief of police, Sgt. I.P. Freely had this statement: “The judge has been seen in the restroom several times this week, and each time has employed a number of tactics, including foot-tapping, finger-wagging, and hair-tossing, whose meanings are widely recognized in the underground world of men’s restrooms.”

    Because of these accusations, all recent cases brought before the so-called “Judge” have been thrown out.

  14. Mango-Man

    wow! Lawyer chick you re-hired! way to handle that corrupt supreme court wannabe judge! Now there is still the issue of re-naming the colors something that we guys would understand… but we can take that up later.

    So in order to get us back on target… is the moon still busted?

  15. Thomas Wayne

    Of course the moon is still broken… and Mango-Man is still a wuss. All this political jibber-jabber ain’t fixin’ anything — something needs to be DONE… about both situations. It looks like I’m gonna have to step up and take care of things myself.

  16. Mango-Man

    TW, if you’re talking about ‘stepping up and taking care of things yourself’ all I got to say is that it’s about time you learned to wipe your own butt! …also, I thinks it’s time you moved out of your mom’s basement… and whats up with your dookie brown el camino? it strikes me as REALLY ironic that you call ME a wuss… I pity the fool!

  17. Thomas Wayne

    Mango-Man, you should stop with the self-pity… it doesn’t do you any good.

    FYI, I don’t live in my mom’s basement… you’re just fabricating lies and falsehoods. Propaganda is what it is, trying to sell your side of the story, and because you don’t have the truth to stand on in your defense, you resort to lies and such. Maybe others should pity you…

    Why you wanna dis’ my El Camino? It’s the height of fine automotive engineering. It’s got the best of both worlds — a car AND a truck — all in one trusty vehicle. You’re just jealous…

  18. Lawyer/Famous Artist

    Reposted from

    More news surrounding the highly publicized case of Flower-boy v. Thomas Wayne; a PR agent for Mr. Wayne, aka El Mentiroso, issued the following statement today,

    “My client has been admitted to rehab this morning after an overdose of Nyquil. Mr. Wayne has a history of abuse of cold and flu medication, and finally realizes that he needs professional help. Statements made in court earlier this week by Mr. Wayne will be thrown out because of his Nyquil intoxication.”

  19. Thomas Wayne

    WHAT?!? I don’t have a PR agent, especially not some liar like El Mentiroso! Who’s creating these fabrications? I don’t get sick… I’m too cool for that. Nor do I take any medicine — except laughter, which I hear does good like a medicine.

    My statements still stand. This whole debacle of a court case is getting worse than the O.J. Simpson trial — there they just threw out the evidence. Here, the judge, jury, and the opposing side are being thrown out. That’s just not acceptable, nor is it justice. Why are you afraid of letting this case go through the justice system? Is it because YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! 😮

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