The less you work, the more work you get done

This new proverb may go against conventional wisdom, because some people assume that you need to work more overtime to get more work accomplished.  But studies have shown that skipping breaks reduces productivity.  And there has been actual research that showed that taking an afternoon siesta (nap) increases productivity.  So this proves that you need to take time away from work to be more productive.  Now look at it this way — if you are becoming less productive because of skipping breaks, then you are accomplishing less per hour.  If you’re accomplishing less per hour, then you must work extra to make up for the difference.  So the more you work, the longer you have to work.  And the converse is true also — the less you work, the less you have to work, because you’re being more productive with your time.

Is it clear?  (Now who’s ready for a break?  Meet me in the lobby.)

5 thoughts on “The less you work, the more work you get done

  1. dancingmoogle

    Hehe, this sounds like the Taoist principal of Wei Wu Wei, to do without doing. The harder you try to do something, the more it doesn’t get done. Enjoy your break.


  2. Thomas Wayne

    I don’t know who Tao or Wei Wu Wei is, but I like the idea of not working as much. I’m all about taking breaks. Or, even better, not working at all. But I’m not completely lazy — I’d gladly work if my job was testing video games or taste-testing nachos. 🙂

  3. Mango-Man

    I’ve got my own principal that I live by… it’s called Lei Ze Mei… which is to say ‘to not do, by not doing’ it’s not Taoist or anything but sure works for me! 🙂

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