caption contest, Japanese guys in crazy costumes

Despite the uncertainty with my calendar this week, I bring you another weekly caption contest.  This week’s photo features Japanese guys in crazy costumes.  What they’re probably doing in real life is fairly obvious, but of course you are free to create any interpretation / interpolation you can imagine.  Actually, it would be more fun if you think outside the box.  For example, how could these picture tie in with world events?  Politics?  A friend of yours?  (And then send them the link to the post.)  Your job?

Japanese guys in crazy costumes

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9 thoughts on “caption contest, Japanese guys in crazy costumes

  1. Thomas Wayne

    I wonder if it’s a coincidence that this week’s caption contest features people promoting children’s toys and games… 🙂

  2. Thomas Wayne

    Hmm… Japanese adults in strange costumes, acting weird… reminds me of Shingo Mama no aha Rock. If you haven’t seen it (lately), you should watch it. It’s a popular Japanese music video with lots of randomness to it. (Someone said it’s the best YouTube video ever, though that’s very much debatable.)

  3. Gardner's World

    Top Japanese clothes designer responds to sceptical reviews of latest fashion show by insisting: “This summer we’ll all be wearing these”.

  4. Thomas Wayne

    I get the idea that they’re promoting some toys, but could someone explain how men in goofy costumes are gonna persuade me to buy these toys?

    1. Important Philosopher

      They don’t have to sell you on the toys — just your children. They know what they’re doing…

      Silliness and randomness often doesn’t work as well on adults (why is that?), but can draw children in quickly. Just look at some of the early McDonald’s commercials — that’s some weird stuff. Grimace is a big blob of purple, and you have critters made of food, which does not seem rational at all since they’re trying to sell you food. But it worked on the children!

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