Is there anything I can do for you?

I just added my first minion clone (baby) to my entourage, and for some reason she’s most awake around 4:00 and 5:00 AM.  I don’t understand.  I also don’t comprehend how almost nothing gets done around the house besides caring for the baby, even though the wife and I are both home right now.  That’s why the blog has been somewhat neglected of late.  Hopefully my schedule will eventually find a new “normal”.

On a lighter note, I’ve had a lot of people ask if we needed anything.  That’s quite gracious of them.  It’s nice to have friends and family who want to help.  But after hearing this numerous times, I noticed the frequent use of the word “anything”.  So I started to wonder if there’s anything the baby needs that I’m unable to provide at this time.  I thought of a couple of things that would be really, really helpful that I don’t have: a college fund, and a live-in nurse.  I mentioned this to a few people when they asked, but they seemed to think I was kidding.  I suppose they must’ve been kidding about the use of the word “anything”.  🙂

By the way, in case Captain Literal or any of his followers are reading this, I know what they meant.  It’s a joke.  Lighten up.  I’m trying to have fun despite my lack of normal sleep.

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