Do we need more super-sized burgers in America?

Saw an article the other day that started with this sentence:

If there’s one thing we need more of in America, it’s eight-pound hamburgers.

That’s something you don’t hear too often.  There might’ve been a touch of sarcasm if you read in-between the lines (even though it’s only one line).  Besides, who could even eat an 8-pound hamburger?  Probably not even Adam Richman of Man v. Food fame.

What we do need is restaurants offering more options on burgers — like to include copious amounts of bacon, fried egg, various cheeses, ham, different sauces (BBQ, chipotle, cheese dip), etc.  Actually, perhaps bacon should come standard on all burgers.  Why wouldn’t you want bacon on your burger?  [pause to venture deep in thought]  I got nothing.

This is just another reminder that Buffet o’ Blog needs some venture funding to start our own restaurant.

3 thoughts on “Do we need more super-sized burgers in America?

  1. Holiday Inn Express

    The only problem with 8 pound burgers is that they are rarely anything new. A burger that size is usually just smaller burgers scaled up, either as multiple 1lb burger layers, or a patty the size of a plate.

    What a burger that size needs is innovation, like grilled cheese sandwiches for buns, or deep frying the whole thing, or a counter of how many hours your life will be shortened by if you eat a deep fried 8lb burger with grilled cheese buns.

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