caption contest, food in toilet bowl

Welcome to another Caption Contest!  As usual, on Monday I post a funny picture and then we all come up with funny quotes / sayings / commentary / analysis for it.  The only rules are that you keep your comments clean.

This week’s picture speaks for itself (or does it?).   So without further ado, here ya go.

food in toilet bowl

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10 thoughts on “caption contest, food in toilet bowl

  1. Mango-Man

    … and THAT is why ‘porcelain springs’ brand water will never be successful. No… not even with the ‘gimmick’ of a toilet shaped bottle.

  2. CalTrec10

    Introducing the newest secret to weight-loss success: the Toilet Diet! Skip the fattening process of digestion and just throw your food straight into the crapper! Flush the pounds away today with the Toilet Diet!

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