caption contest, Japanese guys in crazy costumes

Despite the uncertainty with my calendar this week, I bring you another weekly caption contest.  This week’s photo features Japanese guys in crazy costumes.  What they’re probably doing in real life is fairly obvious, but of course you are free to create any interpretation / interpolation you can imagine.  Actually, it would be more fun if you think outside the box.  For example, how could these picture tie in with world events?  Politics?  A friend of yours?  (And then send them the link to the post.)  Your job?

Japanese guys in crazy costumes

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live-action Japanese Spiderman from the ’70s

Recently I came across YouTube video clips of a live-action Japanese Spiderman TV show from the ’70s.  This is something to see… prepare to be surprised, even if you know quite a bit about Spiderman.

If you watched the video, you might’ve noticed it was from 1978 and it featured a giant live-action transforming robot.  How long did it take before America got transforming robots?  Something like 1984, wasn’t it?  The Japanese have been ahead of us for a while on cartoons and sci-fi technology.

According to this other video (with a different theme song, one you may be more familiar with), Spiderman has a flying car (the Spider Machine GP-7), and the giant transforming robot is named Leopardon and belongs to Spiderman.  The song says he has radioactive blood, and he wears some type of mechanical device on one of his wrists.  I’m really curious about the story now…

On a related note, someone took clips from the Japanese Spiderman TV show and made a compilation video, adding NES-style music from Mega Man.  (NES = the original Nintendo system, in case you didn’t know.)

Spiderman’s pre-fight antics look amusing, plus his voice in Japanese is awesome (“SPYDA!”).  I’m gonna have to watch one of those episodes sometime…

Who are these Power Rangers on TV?

One day I was flipping through the TV channels, and I saw some show called the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  It looked like the main characters turned into superheroes, which is normally a great idea for a show or movie, but here something went terribly wrong.  These people weren’t superheroes — it was extremely lame!  So I wondered what was going on…

I figured it must be one of those crazy Japanese game shows that got overdubbed, y’know, one of those that is really weird and doesn’t make much sense.  It turns out I wasn’t too far off in my guess.  It actually is a dub with some new scenes spliced in.  It’s based off the Japanese tokusatsu Super Sentai Series.

It was amazing how many times there was an explosion way behind the Power Rangers, yet it hurt them.  That happened a lot in just this one episode.  And they would fight the bad guys in their normal human form, then turn to Power Rangers with more powers and get beat up some more, then they’d combine into some huge monstrosity with construction equipment coming from out of nowhere to form a giant robot (which sounds kinda cool but was even lamer than the regular fighting).

Aquaman with wavesNonetheless, the show is lame.  I don’t think kids should be watching it.  Kids tend to identify with superheroes, and most children (at least most boys) dream of being a superhero.  So obviously kids need to be watching good superheroes, not lame ones.  If I had any children, they would be watching genuine superheroes, like Superman, Batman, and the other Superfriends (well, except for the wanna-be ones, like Robin, Aquaman, the Wonder Twins, and Marvin & Wendy).  You gotta be careful what you let your kids watch these days.  You wouldn’t want your kids acting like the Power Rangers or Aquaman, would you?  (Ugh!  Perish the thought!)