caption contest, Barack Obama

Let’s have another caption contest!  Since the Democratic Convention was last week, I’ll use a political-themed picture.   This is of Presidential hopeful Barack Obama (just in case you didn’t know, like if you live under rocks or somethin’).  It’s up to you to decide what he’s talking about or to provide analysis or commentary.   You can make your comment be about anything (just follow the language rules here).

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10 thoughts on “caption contest, Barack Obama

  1. Fab

    Here we see the young Padawan Barack Obama attempting to retrieve his teleprompter by using the Farce.

    Off camera, Master Jeremiah Wright says: I sense too much pro-America in you. Let go with your hate. Feel the Farce flowing through you.

  2. Important Doctor

    obama: America! you are getting sleepy! BELIEVE my voodoo!!! Pay no attention to my lack of experience or qualifications… do not think… just vote for me. Together we can make America an OBAMA-Nation!!!

    people in back: must not think… must vote for Obama…

  3. bag o' donuts

    The Great Obamadini: Like that *poof* all hopes of national security vanishes. And no, it’s not up my sleeve or anything! TA-DA! It’s magic sweetie, the magic of inexperience. Come on…feel the magic. Please. Feel it.

  4. bag o' donuts

    When asked how much foreign policy experience he has, Obama spread his arms this wide and said “This much my friend, ‘cuz I’m awesome.”

  5. Rev. Hezekiah Wright

    What? Who have a dollar leff after taxes? Give me that dollar! I will give it to de gov’mint and they will give 7 cent to the po! Den I will spen 93 cent telling how I gave that dolla and still this country is wrong and should apologize to everybody.

    and Bush caused Katrina too…

    besides, Oprah said I’m fine and when i talk she cry her eyelashes off and that I smell like caramel and dolche du leche with sprinkles…

    Call me “B’roke YoMomma”

  6. William Ayers

    hi Voter… how are you? wanna hug?….. now give me all your money and Trust me… Just BELIEVE that I know better how to spend your money for you… I’ll meet all your needs and bring world peace too…. don’t trust old white guy…

    trust me… now give me your money…

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