lots of Easter eggs

One of my neighbors put out a LOT of plastic Easter eggs on Easter morning, as evidenced by this picture.

Easter Eggs everywhere  (click for larger image)
Easter Eggs everywhere (click for larger image)

Now, I don’t have kids, but I do have some memories from my childhood of hunting Easter eggs, and it was never this easy.  To me, this isn’t even hunting or finding — it’s just picking them up.  What sense of accomplishment is that?  You might as well just throw the eggs at them.  🙂

I have a younger brother, so eventually I got to help hide the eggs for him, and I never made it that easy on him.  In fact, sometimes I’d make it hard for him to find them all.  Being challenged like that helps people develop diligence and thoroughness.  I’m sure my brother would thank me now if he realized how much that contributed to his development.  🙂  (Actually, he’d say he’s cool on his own and I had nothing to do with it, but that’s just because he refuses to give me any credit.)  🙂

6 thoughts on “lots of Easter eggs

  1. Dabo

    Studies show that yo ‘bro was just born with maximum optimum magnum coolness. Therefore, by excepting any of yo bits of coolness would just be a waste. So really, he be doin’ da universe a flavor.

  2. Beppo

    That sounds like one of those non-accredited studies… I don’t buy it.

    What actually happened is that you were surrounded with maximum optimum magnum coolness, which contributed heavily to your societal development.

  3. mangoman

    Beppo, sounds like you are plumb constipated with stupidity…

    but… back to the picture… here’s my take on your picture:

    “i’ve heard it could rain cats and dogs… but never this!”

  4. Thomas Wayne

    mangoman, why do you insist on diluting this discussion with your stupidity? Don’t you know that plumbs make you un-constipated? DUH!

  5. mangoman

    now that’s just stupid… I think you are referring to a ‘prune’ although a ‘plum’ (not plumb) may have a similiar effects.

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