caption contest, Barack Obama frustrated during meeting

The news has been filled lately with discussions on Congress having to raise the debt ceiling because apparently they’ve already spent money that was allocated to things like Social Security and Medicare.  (Don’t get me started on that!)  Anyway, occasionally I post a caption contest that opens the door to political humor, satire, and parody, to look at such things from a lighter side, and this is another of those times.

In this photo, President Barack Obama is sitting around an executive-style table with a number of other well-dressed people (probably politicians), and Obama looks frustrated.  I don’t know what’s really going on, so just make up something.  Feel free to rant about politics, but please phrase your rant in the form of humor.  And keep it civil and clean.

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pizza buffet o’ blog

Word has it that the next irregularly scheduled Buffet o’ Blog leadership summit will be at the local Larry’s Pizza tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon.  It may seem odd to some people to have such an important event at a pizza buffet, but it really makes a lot of sense (not that it has to, but it happens to).  The pizza tastes great, and there’s an endless supply.  That alone is worth the price of admission.  That feature of the restaurant lends itself to our meeting’s agenda.  I will explain.  We’ll all eat lots of great pizza (like chicken-bacon-ranch and meat madness — mmm!) and drink plenty of sweet tea.  Then as we become saturated (or even super-saturated) with the yummy goodness, we’ll need to sit around and rest for a while, which provides time for discussion.  This is a good time for our brand of discussions, because everyone is happy from partaking in all that great food and beverage.  Joy and randomness will flow freely.

So obviously it’s a great time, and the verbal discourse leads to future great content for the blog.  It’s a win-win situation for all, really.  So stop by if you get a chance.  Guests and visitors are welcome.

This has been a Buffet o’ Blog public service announcement.

Thank you, drive thru…