caption contest, truck in a tree

It’s Monday so you’ll get your regularly scheduled caption contest, even though it’s a holiday and I just returned from vacation tonight.  (Yes, that shows my dedication to humor, and no, it does not mean I don’t have a life.)

This week’s caption contest features a picture of a truck in a tree (or in-between two trees).  Either way, it’s in a location it should not be in.  It’s up to you to describe why this happened, or to make a joke about it.  (Actually, if you want to challenge yourself, you could try to explain why the truck should be in the tree.)  Remember that you can look at the situation from various perspectives, such as the truck’s owner, his friends, the trees, the insurance company, or anyone else that you can fit into the story.  Surprise me with your creativity!

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19 thoughts on “caption contest, truck in a tree

  1. Holiday Inn Express

    Before lifts were common in repair garages, people took some extreme measures to work on the underside of a vehicle.

  2. mangoman

    Dad (to Teenage Son): what do you mean you want a new truck? They don’t just grow on trees.

    Dad: well… I stand corrected! that shure puts a whole new spin on the phrase ‘picking out a truck!’.

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