caption contest, horrendous crash in garage

Even though it’s Memorial Day, you still get a caption contest.  To be honest, between grilling and being outside and various other activities involved with a day off work, this almost didn’t get done today.   But I couldn’t let my fans down.  So I’m making the sacrifice, for your reading pleasure.  🙂

This week’s caption contest involves a photo of a horrendous car crash inside someone’s garage.  And it happened here in Arkansas.  (Before anyone asks, I don’t know these people personally.  And I blurred part of the license plates to protect their identity.)   I have no idea how this kind of accident happened, but that’s where we all come in.  We get to write the caption / commentary / news release for this picture.  You can write it from the point-of-view of anyone, such as the owners of this debacle (which could be a husband, wife, teenage children, or college roommates), the insurance agent, the neighbors, friends, yourself, etc.  Just make it funny.

All that said, let’s get to the picture.   (You can click on it to get a larger view.)

horrendous crash in garage

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24 thoughts on “caption contest, horrendous crash in garage

  1. Beppo

    Why do these people have a Ferrari sports car AND a Ford F-150 pickup? Those are the very opposite in quality and performance! That question may be a bigger mystery than how the wreck happened!

  2. Thomas Wayne

    Neighbor McVicker (who is a principal): “I didn’t see who did that, but I bet it was those kids who flushed every roll of toilet paper in the whole school!”

  3. Thomas Wayne

    Dad to 16-year-old daughter: “HOW IN THE WORLD COULD YOU HAVE DONE THIS?!?”

    Daughter: “I don’t know! I was just pulling into the driveway like normal, then I got a text message from Stacy saying Jeremy was at the mall, and he asked about me, and all of a sudden the truck just wrecked!”

    Dad: “Well, what are you gonna do about it?”

    Daughter: “Do you think one of the neighbors would give me a ride to the mall?”

    [Dad is about to erupt.]

  4. Holiday Inn Express

    That’s what you’re wondering about in this picture? The taillight? Ok, I’ll tell you the story of the busted taillight.

    One day Bob McDullerson, who nothing exciting ever happened to, drove over to a neighbor’s house to borrow a cup of boring. Upon trying to leave, Bob accidentally backed into a small tree, busting the taillight. This was the most interesting thing that had ever happened to him.
    He did not fix the taillight, because everywhere he went, people would see the busted light and ask, “Bob, what happened to your taillight? I noticed you’ve got a busted one.” And then Bob would gladly tell the story of the most interesting thing that had ever happened to him.
    But before long everyone had heard about his taillight, and no one asked him about it anymore. Bob missed the rush of telling people about his taillight, but nothing else interesting had happened to him. So Bob resolved to make something interesting happen to him.

    But that’s a whole ‘nother story.

  5. Mr. Destructo

    The Important Evil Genius never could get the hang of standard transmissions — it was too newfangled for his liking…

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