caption contest, boy with boombox

It’s now time for our weekly caption contest.  This week’s photo features a boy holding a dual-cassette jambox / boombox, with a couple of cans of spray paint.  Behind him is a prodigious amount of graffiti.  The young man is also making some attempt at being “cool”, wearing sunglasses and making some sign / symbol with his hand.   As always, there is no factual context behind this picture, so you get to make it up.  You can explain what he’s thinking and/or doing, what his peers think, or what has happened or is about to happen.  Basically, you can make up whatever you want.  The only rules are: keep it clean and make it funny.  Have fun!

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11 thoughts on “caption contest, boy with boombox

  1. Mr. Destructo

    “You’ve gotta fight… for your right… to PARRRRRRTY!”

    (FYI, that’s historic Beastie Boys, in case you’re missing some culture…)

  2. Fab

    Young Barry Wayne O’Bomber always wanted to be a community organizer, so he started making statements at a young age the only ways he could: graffiti and rap!

  3. MangoMan

    this is what happens when you inadvertently set your paint cans on top of your stereo, then you forget about it, and the next thing you know the paint on the bottom of the cans dry and permanently adhere them to the stereo.

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