comments section having problems

I can't leave a comment?!? Oh, bother!

If you try to leave a comment and get an error saying “That email address is associated with an existing account, please log in to use it”, that’s because WordPress (the blog hosting software and platform) recently updated their comment system, and they changed something.  A cursory glance online reveals many sites across the blogosphere are having this issue.

So if you had a problem leaving a comment, please try again.  If you do have an account, you should be able to login and leave a comment.  I don’t have any way to see the info from who logs in, so don’t worry about that.

I’ve discovered this also happens for e-mail addresses that have a Gravatar account (which is for the image that goes with your name).  That seems to be a bug, as far as I know.  So in the meantime, you can either use an alternate e-mail address (or make one up), or just wait until it’s fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

caption contest, Volkswagen Bug modded way too much

This week’s caption contest features an inanimate object that moves.  🙂  It’s a Volkswagen Beetle (also known as a Volkswagen Bug), similar to Herbie.  It’s been heavily modded / junked / pimped-out / whatever you want to call it.  Why would someone do this to their car?  I don’t know.  Perhaps you can explain.  You can write a caption from any perspective — the car’s owner, the spouse or children of the car’s owner, the car itself, someone seeing this on the road, an antique car collector, etc.

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crappy glitch in Madden football

The Madden series of football video games has been extremely popular, but like almost all video games, there are bugs / glitches just waiting to be found.   (It’s extremely difficult to be a video game programmer.)  The bug featured in this video is more of a graphical glitch, in that the “boundary” between the football and the player just didn’t line up correctly.  But if you consider the glitch in-game, it’s one of the most painful glitches ever.

To warn you, this video is gross (in concept, because it’s not reality, y’know).  What happens is that Rex Grossman craps a football.   If you can’t handle such humor, then obviously you shouldn’t watch the video.  You have been forewarned.

We’ve also written about another one, which is much more awesome — the infamous ambulance in Madden ’92, which runs over players.  🙂

crazy ambulance in Madden Football ’92

Being a computer programmer, I realize how bugs (errors) can slip into programs unnoticed.  It’s just an aspect of programming.  This also happens with video games.  Usually bugs in games are a bad thing, but sometimes they are funnier than how it was supposed to work.  For example, check out this video clip from John Madden Football ’92.  Even if you don’t care anything about video games, you should watch this, because it is random and funny.  When a player gets injured, the ambulance rushes out onto the field… with much haste… with no regard for who is in its way…

Madden ’92 ambulance bug

I have no idea how the developers didn’t notice this before it got released.  Perhaps they did see it and decided to leave it, but considering how “mainstream” EA Sports is with Madden and its other franchise sports games, I wouldn’t think they’d allow players to be run over by an ambulance.  It’s just awesome.  There’s even the sound effects of the players getting roughed up.  🙂  Somehow the players who were run over weren’t injured and got to stay in the game.  I reckon that’s quite fortunate, or half the team might be mowed over and have to be taken out.

Madden Football ’92 wasn’t the first game to feature injuries, but it might’ve been the first game to make gamers look forward to them.  🙂

BTW, in later versions, like in Madden ’96, there was no ambulance.  But in this video compilation of late hits causing injuries, you can hear bones breaking and the announcer doesn’t seem that concerned…