it’s time to save the world again

explosion - Licorne shot, French Polynesia, 1970, 1

cookieAccording to the Mayans, the world is about to end.  I reckon I better get busy saving it.  (Yeah, I procrastinated.  Besides, last-minute heroics are much more dramatic.)  If we’re all here on the 22nd, then I was successful.  In appreciation, I’ll accept homemade chocolate-chip cookies.  Other forms of gifts may be considered.  Now, I have a job to do…

funny costumes, pt 1

For years, people have enjoyed dressing up in costumes, whether for Halloween or for parties.  There’s also movie premiers and conventions, where die-hard fans get into cosplay (costume roleplay).  Sometimes these costume attempts end up being funny, whether intentionally or just because it’s so bad (epic fail).   Here’s a few that fall into one of those categories (but mostly the latter).  Let’s start with people trying to be superheroes.

guy in Aquaman costume, with feathers
Why would you want to dress up as a wuss? And with feathers?
Spiderman costume, but something's wrong
There's several things wrong with this picture. Can you find them?
guy in Batman costume
The Atkins Diet really worked for Batman!
guy in Captain Marvel costume
Does this make you marvel?
guy in costume - it's not easy being Green... Lantern
It's not easy being Green... Lantern.
guy in Flash Gordon costume
I know he's supposed to be a good guy, but this scares me.
guy in Galactus costume
old man in Batman costume, missing parts
No utility belt, no shoes, no service.
costume - Iron Man downgraded to Paper Man
The economic downturn even affected Tony Stark. But switching from iron to paper is gonna cost him in other ways...
costume - Space Ghost
Space Ghost is awesome, but every time someone dresses up like him, it just doesn't work out so well...

This post is getting long, so I’ll put the rest of them in another post.  Here’s a link to search for the other funny costumes posts.

caption contest, Superman wannabe hanging laundry

I plan to post a new caption contest every Monday, as long as the creek doesn’t rise.   (Fortunately for you, I don’t own a creek.)  That said, it’s Monday, and here’s your new caption contest!

This week’s photo is of Superman hanging laundry.  Well, it’s obviously not the real Superman, given how baggy his costume is, unless he’s really let himself go.   Anyway, explain what might be going on here.  Or make a joke about it.   Or just say something funny that’s somehow related to the picture.

Superman wannabe hanging laundry

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caption contest, superhero with phone car

It may be late on Monday, but you will get your weekly caption contest!   (Well, technically, there’s no guarantee, but I’ll at least make an effort.)   🙂  That said, here ya go.

This week’s photo is of a man in a superhero-type costume who is standing next to a car shaped like a giant phone.  I have no idea of the actual context of this picture, but that’s no matter — we will make up something.   I suspect there will be a lot of ideas for this one, including some puns (which may be unfortunate, depending on your preferences).  So let’s get to it!

superhero with phone car

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