caption contest, Superman wannabe hanging laundry

I plan to post a new caption contest every Monday, as long as the creek doesn’t rise.   (Fortunately for you, I don’t own a creek.)  That said, it’s Monday, and here’s your new caption contest!

This week’s photo is of Superman hanging laundry.  Well, it’s obviously not the real Superman, given how baggy his costume is, unless he’s really let himself go.   Anyway, explain what might be going on here.  Or make a joke about it.   Or just say something funny that’s somehow related to the picture.

Superman wannabe hanging laundry

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17 thoughts on “caption contest, Superman wannabe hanging laundry

  1. Thomas Wayne

    Superman always figured things would be different after he got married, but he didn’t expect this…

  2. Bag O' Donuts

    “I always thought I would grow up to fight crime and avenge the destruction of my homeworld. But I much prefer Xbox and lounging around the house.”

  3. Holiday Inn Express

    Finally, proof that Superman’s powers come from his cape. Without it he’s just some some fool in his pajamas.

    And I pity that fool.

  4. Bag O' Donuts

    The heat vision and super strength come from Earth’s yellow sun, the softness and powder fresh scent come from Snuggle.

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