caption contest, dog in Superman costume

Like clockwork, here’s this week’s caption contest.   (Actually, since it’s later than normal, the clock might be broken.)   This time the photo is of a person walking their dog, which is wearing a Superman costume.   It’s up to you to write something funny to go with this picture.  You can write from the owner’s perspective, the dog’s point-of-view, anyone watching, or even just general commentary or jokes or puns.

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caption contest, Superman wannabe hanging laundry

I plan to post a new caption contest every Monday, as long as the creek doesn’t rise.   (Fortunately for you, I don’t own a creek.)  That said, it’s Monday, and here’s your new caption contest!

This week’s photo is of Superman hanging laundry.  Well, it’s obviously not the real Superman, given how baggy his costume is, unless he’s really let himself go.   Anyway, explain what might be going on here.  Or make a joke about it.   Or just say something funny that’s somehow related to the picture.

Superman wannabe hanging laundry

(To see the other caption contests, click on the “Say What?” category in the sidebar.)

Superman and Spiderwoman have joined forces

I found another crazy awesome-because-it’s-so-bad video.   This video clip is from an Indian movie featuring Superman and Spiderman.  (Yes, they have joined forces, for whatever reason.)  Although, you will quickly notice that Spiderman is a woman.  So I reckon that makes her Spiderwoman.  That’s kinda weird.  And they appear to be romantically-inclined.

In this video, they’re flying together, then apart (and since when could Spiderman, er, Spiderwoman, fly?), and then they do some bad dancing together.  But keep watching, because they spot some criminals who need a superhero-style beatdown.  You will laugh at that part.  The special effects we’re used to in America apparently don’t translate well.  And then after the criminals’ nefarious plans are thwarted, Superman and Spiderwoman dance some more.  This dancing will probably make you laugh, too (unless you vomit — don’t take it too seriously, okay?).

By now, you’ve probably realized this isn’t a direct port from an American Superman film.  He’s never appeared with Spiderman nor his long-lost sister.  And he doesn’t dance (thankfully!).  So yes, this is a generic-brand Superman.  And it shows…

BTW, if the music gets annoying during the dance scenes, just mute it.  I think it’s even funnier when muted.  But listen to the music during the fight scene — it’s amusing.

It was also funny when they were flying around and saw a group of people dancing, so they decided to bust a move in the sky, then join the people on the ground to get their dance on.

I also noticed that Superman doesn’t look very muscular.  I reckon that didn’t translate too well, either…

I wonder if the movie labels here in America have sued anyone over these types of films.  Because at first glance, it looks to be a rip-off of copyrighted superheroes.  Although, when you look closer, you see that they didn’t copy very much at all…

If there’s one thing I learned from this video, it’s that when I start releasing movies, I’m going to release them overseas, because obviously the bar is set much lower in other parts of the world…