caption contest, bull in stands

Here’s your next regularly scheduled caption contest.  (Even though they are once a week, you can always leave additional answers on older ones.  Since we aren’t actually handing out physical prizes at this point, the contest never ends.)  🙂

This week’s photo features a bull in the stands at some type of sporting event.  Obviously something has went terribly wrong for this to happen.  (And where is the matador?)  It’s your duty to explain what might be going on here.   Have fun with it!

bull in stands

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15 thoughts on “caption contest, bull in stands

  1. Thomas Wayne

    Budro’s last thought before the bull trampled him to death was he hoped caption writers everywhere found this funnier than he did.

  2. LL&L

    I don’t want to stop staring, that picture is amazing. I like that the people seem somewhat calm. I guess a bull is not as scary without a running start.

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