possibly related posts

There’s a new feature of WordPress blogs now, which means it applies to this one.  When you’re on the individual page for a post, you may see some links after the article.  They will be prefaced with this statement:

Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

As it says, these links are “possibly” related, and they are “automatically generated”, which means I have nothing to do with them.  These links may be to external sites, and obviously I have no control over what content is provided there.  (If I ever get to rule the world, I would have such control, but my time has not yet come.)  So in the meantime, peruse such links at your own risk.

I thought about disabling them, but then it would remove this blog from appearing on other people’s blogs in their “possibly related posts”.  And we’ve already received several new visitors from other blogs in this way, so I’m going to leave it up for now.

This has been a public service announcement from Buffet o’ Blog.  Thank you, drive thru…

8 thoughts on “possibly related posts

  1. sixfooter

    New category for municipal and legal corruption is needed. Many complain abiut ever increasing taxes. Few realize the causes included bloated and growing patronage and of course, pay to play.

  2. Thomas Wayne

    I didn’t hear anything about food…

    Or maybe you mean unsolicited advertising… but there’s no link. So if it’s spam, he’s not good at it! (I suspect most spammers aren’t that bright…)

  3. Thomas Wayne

    Spamming for spam? I could see that happening. But I still don’t think of food when I read that guy’s comment. Actually, I don’t think of anything when I read that comment…

  4. Thomas Wayne


    Otay. Definitely include unsolicited advertisers in the non-bright category. As far as spam eaters, that’s a little more tricky. See, it depends on what spam is actually made of. If it’s a non-meat, then it’s suspect. If it’s from an alien world and we don’t know what’s in it, that’s dangerous, because they could be trying to turn us into zombies. You should be careful of such things, y’know…

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