caption contest, truck on a house

Now that I’m back from vacation, let’s get the weekly caption contest back on schedule.  While in Colorado, I saw a few bad drivers.  But none of the bad driving I saw can compete with this picture.  Somehow a truck is on the roof of a house, and there’s a fair bit of destruction around it.  There’s also a guy in the picture, holding a beer and laughing.

The actual context behind this picture is unknown, so make up whatever story you want to fit your explanation.  There’s a few obvious captions, but you can also use your creativity to come up with something really random.

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17 thoughts on “caption contest, truck on a house

  1. MangoMan

    guy laughing… “all I know is that when I woke up this morning I was in the driver seat and my truck was on top of a house” (then later) “I bet this won’t be NEARLY as funny when I finally sober up”

  2. MangoMan

    this man is unknowingly about to be struck down by a ninja, while you will not be able to spot the ninja in this picture, you can see the ninja’s truck parked on a nearby roof.

  3. underwhelmer

    I don’t understand why you cops are so uptight. It’s my truck and it’s my house, so no harm no foul. It ain’t like I gonna press charges on myself. Anyways, you guys want a beer? Just, uh, don’t try to ramp your truck over your house… I don’t recommend it.

  4. mangoman

    Ever since Bruce Wayne had Alfred install a soft-serve ice cream dispenser in the Batcave, his driving skills had diminished significantly. for example the guy in this shot is laughing because he witnessed the cape crusader ramp his bat truck onto a house. not because he was chasing a villain… but simply because he was distracted by eating an ice cream cone.

  5. Important Philosopher

    Was it a man or woman driver? Given the destruction involved, one might assume it was a woman driver. But, also given the skill required to even get a truck onto a house, it might’ve been a man driving. This one’s a tough call…

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