too much meat

Today I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant (as I do every week).  I’m friends with the owner and he came by our table to talk while we waited on our food.  He’s planning to make some menu changes, so we had some suggestions.  (If any of these suggestions get implemented, you’ll get a review here, because they would be awesome.)

He told us about one customer who had an odd complaint about the menu.  Some guy told him, “Your menu has too much meat.”  That is absolutely, totally, and in all other ways, inconceivable!

I’m not sure you can have too many meat options.  Besides, the owner said there is a vegetarian section in the menu that no one orders from, plus they have a variety of bean and cheese dishes.

I just don’t understand why a man would say such a thing…

3 thoughts on “too much meat

  1. Holiday Inn Express

    The obvious reason is that it was actually a cow, pig or flock of chickens disguised as a person.

    It happens more often then you think.

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