that’s French for German

I stumbled across an interesting website recently, called Poetry in Translation.  You type in a sentence or part of a poem and press OK.  It uses Google’s Automatic Translation service to translate your text from English to German, then to French, then back to German again, then back to English.

For example, I typed in : “This poetry translation contraption is pretty cool.  It definitely creates some random results.”  This became : “This Poesieübersetzung invention is rather fresh.  It causes some occasional results definitively.”

Definitely random!  (Or should I say, rather fresh?)

21 thoughts on “that’s French for German

  1. overly-dramatic narrator

    Then assembled together a congregation of important people, and Thomas Wayne, and the elders of the people, unto the virtual palace of the chief webmaster, who was called Beppo. Thomas Wayne rent his clothes, saying, “This ‘Important Linguist’ hath spoken blasphemy; what further need have we of witnesses? Behold, now ye have heard his blasphemy. What think ye?” They answered him, saying, “He is guilty of blasphemy.” Whilst the people murmured among themselves, Thomas Wayne raised his voice, saying, “Cast this intruder from this blog; let his bloggage no longer spread its facetiousness.”

    Beppo calmed the crowd, saying, “We shall give this self-proclaimed ‘Important Linguist’ twoscore and eight hours to contemplate his words and respond. So, ‘Important Linguist’, what sayest thou?”

  2. Important Writer of Modern Non-Sacred Texts

    Well, being more than just an Important Linguist, as indicated in my now more revealing name/title, I would like to share some modern passages with you and show you where you have strayed from the not-so-sacred path with your ramblings, and have unwittingly fulfilled many prophecies that will surely seal your doom! You have played right into my hands, Thomas Wayne!

    This is from the book of Condensations (pay special attention to Condensations 6:66:

    Chapter 6
    60 Then Thomas Wayne, disciple of Beppo, will step forth into the virtual world of importance
    61 claiming for himself the throne of randomness without the consent of the high council of which he purchased membership
    62 being of unsound mind and being declared incompetent by his own follies and dissertations.
    63 Then shall arise in the South Wind (dramatic pause) a great beast who entered into Thomas Wayne, who exercised the power of the Beppo on his behalf and set up images of the Beppo, causing all, both great and small, to fall before the image of the Beppo
    64 and caused active gas on command to come from the image, bringing all under subjection with the full cooperation and consent of Mr. Destructo and Dr. Evil, E.D.
    65 Then, from the east, an Important Linguist will ride in on a hot beverage wagon of red and destroy the Beast and the image of the great Beppo with the words of his mouth, bringing freedom to the captors and establishing a 1000 year blog of randomness while the beast and the Beppo shall be cast alive into office cubicles for 1000 years.
    66 When the 1000 years were over, they were released for a short time to deceive many on the web with their ramblings, turning many against the Important Linguist and calling his words of truth blasphemy and substituting lies for the eternal truth, sealing their judgment when the Linguist arises and makes his Importance known to all.

  3. Beppo

    Why am I being brought into this? I’m just trying to provide a website of original random humor, in an attempt to increase the laughter output of my readers by something-eight percent. Your made-up prophecies must be referencing some other Beppo, for I am not and will not be relegated to a cubicle for 1000 years. This is between you two (the writer/linguist and Thomas Wayne). You two figure out some way to resolve this… or else… 🙂

  4. Thomas Wayne

    All this talk of doom and gloom makes me hungry. How about we settle this by having a contest to see who can eat the most nachos in one sitting?

  5. Important Linguist

    The only way that TW could win a nacho eating contest with me is if he were two people, a possibility that should be considered. Read below.

    I have a wild conspiracy theory: Thomas Wayne and Beppo ARE the same person. I know this sounds outlandish, but consider the following facts:

    a) They both seem to always appear back to back, but never together.
    b) They both have the same wimpy style of writing and linguistic structure.
    c) Although there is an attempt to differentiate the personalities, certain subtleties are always similar.
    d) I’m always right–this being the strongest argument of all.

  6. Thomas Wayne

    That’s a silly conspiracy theory… to address your “facts” :

    a) “always”? Do a search on the site for Beppo — it comes up 3 times. I’m on here a bunch. Our comments yesterday were 3 hours apart — do you call that “back to back”?
    b) Beppo is a much better writer than me. I have no problem admitting that. If I wanted to write good, I would’ve went to school…
    c) This is based on your assumptions, which have just been proven false. If there are some similarities, perhaps he’s cool like me. His blog is interesting…
    d) Silly rabbit… now you’re just being stupid.

    BTW, bring on the nacho eating contest! And let’s make it the heavy-duty nachos — that have beef and chicken and beans, in addition to lots of cheese and chips. Mmm… As fun as it is to call you out on your ignorance, I’d much rather eat.

  7. Important Linguist

    I got your beef, chicken and beans, TW, Beppo, or whichever one you are today! 🙂 If we have a nacho eating contest, you’ll be eating more than nachos. You’ll be eating your words! I hear that empty minded ramblings, threats, and such taste like chicken. Can you confirm this? You should know or at least you will soon.

  8. Thomas Wayne

    The “Important Linguist” never showed up for that nachos eating contest, and it’s been a long time, so I declare myself the winner of this debate! (I was really looking forward to unlimited nachos, too, but that’s okay. I’m sure there will be other debates that we can settle with an all-you-can-eat competition.)

  9. Buffet o' Blog Administrator

    While looking up the translation for a comment on another post, I remembered this post and came back here to run it through a variation of it. Unfortunately, the link doesn’t work anymore. That’s too bad, because there is a lot of humor potential with the “French for German” translation.

  10. Say What?!

    this is one of the funniest threads! Where is that Important Linguist?!

    Beppo is like Chuck Norris around here. Touch’em and YOU DIE!

    (echoes of DIE! slowing fading into background)

    1. Thomas Wayne

      The “Important Linguist” got his butt handed to him, virtually. I called his bluff on that nachos challenge, and he disappeared. He hasn’t been back. Oh, well… I reckon there’s plenty of places for him to share his ignorance.

      I didn’t mean to run him off… I just wanted him to see the error of his ways. Although, I suspect he did figure out how stupid he was, and he was too ashamed to show his avatar here again.

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  12. Important Linguist AND Important Writer of Modern Non-Sacred Texts

    I didn’t lose anything except the link to this blog. I tried to google it, yahoo it, bing it and it, but no info presented itself. Then a few minutes ago, on a hunch, I typed in “obscure blog” and it came right up! 🙂 I’m still up for the nacho challenge to settle this thing once and for all, for I’ve read the book of non-sacred prophecies:

    From the book of Flatulations 50:11–

    11: The textual expert of great import will rise up from the south and take his place on the throne where he will reign as King of Nachos and Lord of Beef and Beans and his reign shall be eternal. Who can stand against him and the gasses of his hind parts? The great day of his wrath has come!

    1. Thomas Wayne

      BRING IT!

      Although let it be made clear that this will be a nachos eating competition and not a flatulence competition. We may have to be on separate side of the room, because it’s not fair if the gasses of your hind parts destroy our meal. (And no “colon cleansing”, either!)

      BTW, you probably found your blog with the “obscure blog” search and then found a link back here. For Buffet o’ Blog to be considered obscure would be absolutely, totally, and in all other ways, inconceivable.

  13. Fernando

    It is my correct judgment that the Thomas Wayne would be champion in nachos challenge.

    Fernando has spoken.

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